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Condominium Rental Property Management company Services in Toronto & GTA

More and more landlords are turning to rental property management companies to help them manage their rental investments. Our aim is simple: to remove the common pain points that property owners and renters face, which can only be done through a combination of great people who deeply care, and smart property management technology that streamlines processes to provide home owners and tenants with full visibility of all the stuff that matters. With significant investments in technology, we build all our property management software in-house, which gives us the flexibility to deliver innovative solutions to all the residential property management company requirements.Mbuilders  offers the best condominium rental property management services in Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Markham & Vaughan & GTA .


Mbuilders, Inc. is focused on the needs of property owners who recognize their investment as a valuable vehicle for financial rewards. We have set the standard in condominium rental management and are committed to providing an exemplary investment choice.


Professional Woman

Business Executive Developemt


Business Executive Developemt

We would be delighted to provide information pertinent to your personal investment and invite you to discuss how you can benefit from marketing and management through us.


More Than a Manager
— a Complete Partner

When you’re choosing a company to rent and manage your condominium in the Greater Toronto Area for you, you want one that will do all of the work - and save you all of the worry.
This company should handle the tenant, the maintenance, the marketing, the finances and legalities, and give you easy access to everything that’s being done, whenever you want it. That’s peace of mind.
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  • With over 2500 condominiums in 135 communities under our management, Del Condominium Rentals is amongst the most trusted condo management services in the GTA.
  • Our Rental Management Program was designed to provide the skills and know-how of professional property management whereby we oversee every step of the rental process seamlessly from successful leasing to rent collection on behalf of the owner.
  • Behind the scenes, you will find competent departments comprised of a committed group of individuals performing a variety of services to complement the success of your investment.
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Professional Management and Peace of Mind  –  we do it best!

All the services and specialties that go into successful property management are on staff at Del Condominium Rentals.

We don't outsource, so there are no concerns about delays, miscommunications or confidentiality.

Our Services

Say goodbye to the billing headache. At Del Condominium Rentals, we address all of your accounting needs. We ensure payments are processed swiftly, protecting your cash flow.

Rapid Monthly Rent Collection

24 hrs Emergency Service

We have a dedicated team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist your tenants with maintenance emergencies, such as leaks. Our expert staff will ensure the maintenance issue is promptly looked after to mitigate damages to your property.

Maintenance and Repairs

Keep your property in tip-top shape is one of our key priorities. We take care of all repair requests promptly, keeping tenants happy and protecting your home.

In-House Legal Team Experienced in Residential Tenancy and Condominium Law

Our paralegals provide complimentary legal services, which include drafting and serving legal notices and compliance letters. 

Complete Condominium Insurance

A proactive approach to protecting the suite, the tenant and you, the owner.

View your statements and download year-end tax documents. 

Online Client Portal

Comprehensive Marketing for Your Suite

We find right tenants the first time, with digital listings, comprehensive advertising and photo tours to highlight your condo key features for renters.

Tenant Screening

Bad tenants hurt your bottom line and cause endless frustration. We only place the best of the best, using detailed screening to weed out the bad apples.

Monthly and Yearly Accounting Statements

Monthly and yearly Accounting statements available with a click.

Full-Service Leasing Across The G.T.A.

We provide full-service leasing across the GTA from Mississauga to Pickering!

Financial Reporting

Easily review the financial health of your property at a moment’s notice, with our detailed financial reporting tools. It’s never been easier to keep tabs on your investment.

Diligent collections

Don’t find yourself in a sticky situation with a bad tenant. At Del Condominium Rentals, we provide diligent collections up to and including legal action to see that you get paid on time.

Expert Guidance

We understand the ins and outs of condo property management, and we are happy to provide input at a moment’s notice. Get your pressing questions answered by and expert team.

How do we add value

All the services and specialties that go into successful property management are on staff at Mbuilders. We don't outsource, so there are no concerns about delays, miscommunications or confidentiality.



Grow Your Vision

Welcome visitors to your site with a short, engaging introduction. 


Credit check

A thorough and comprehensive examination of a prospective tenants credit history is performed so as to approve the best possible candidate to occupy your investment.


Diligent collections

Up to and including legal action to see that you get paid on time.


Rent optimization

Increases the rate in accordance with current market trends.


24-hour emergency services

Up to and including legal action to see that you get paid on time.


Liability assessment

Determines what repairs and maintenance the tenant is responsible for.


Rules enforcement

Liaising with building management to safeguard everyone's right to the "quiet enjoyment of living.


Insurance coverage

A proactive approach to protecting the suite, the tenant and you, the owner.


Online portal

View your statements and download year-end tax documents.


Customer care team

Works with both tenants and owners to maximize profitable longevity of lease agreements.

More Than a Service
Complete Peace of Mind

Every member of the Del Condominium Rentals team is a highly experienced, deeply committed professional with one common goal: to be worthy of the confidence you place in us to handle your valuable investment.

In fact, we are amongst the most trusted condominium management services in the GTA, having added value to the portfolio of over 2000 condominium units.

"I had an amazing time! I highly suggest trying Mbuilders because their agents are very professional and timely with all paperwork."

Alexa Young, CA


For more information about our program and how to have your suite professionally managed

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