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Our Prefabricated Hybrid Home Packages will cost between $168+ per square foot plus HST subject to the model you choose.

Including our package, the cost of your completed home will vary from $500+ per square foot + HST, depending on the location of the building site, style of home, finish choices, and the contractor you choose. Partnering up with a General Contractor or Project Manager will in most cases put you in the higher portion of the budget range noted above ($500+/FT²). Alternatively, the lower portion of the budget range ($343+) applies to DIY Homeowners that are capable of finishing large portions of the home themselves.  All our Prefab Home Packages can be tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Due to the continuing fluctuations in construction material costs, package pricing will be assessed per client and their specific needs. If you would like to know the current price for a specific plan, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with current Prefab pricing.

Escape 20x30 - Render 1 (1).jpg.opt1398x786o0,0s1398x786.jpg
24 x 60- Exterior Rendering (2).jpg.opt1398x786o0,0s1398x786.jpg
Escape 4-Low Res Rendering-Aug 6_ 2020 (1).jpg
28 x 52 Gneiss Vista-Exterior Rendering-Lrg File (1).jpg.opt1398x786o0,0s1398x786.jpg
Escape 52x20 - Rear Elevation (1).png.opt1398x874o0,0s1398x874.png
52x28 Strata Rendering.jpg.opt1398x786o0,0s1398x786.jpg
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