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Modular Home MBSAB 07 - 156 Sqft.

Regular price $98,940


  • Great Design - R-value 23 for walls.

  • Prefab House, Steel Structure, Sandwich panels.

  • Layout: 2 bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living



Top and bottom Steel frame: (all items in this part are galvanized)

  • Top corner part

  • Top main beam

  • Top secondary

  • Square tube

  • Water collect palate

  • Bottom main beam

  • Bottom secondary beam


  • Column

  • Connector – Steel board

  • Reinforcement

Roof System:

  • Top skin panel

  • Top insulation material

  • Wire mesh

Bottom System:

  • Bottom skin panel

  • Bottom insulation

  • Bottom Structure board


  • Insulation panels, Sandwich panels

  • Barn Sheet metal for exterior cover

  • Doors and windows

  • Broken Bridge Aluminum Alloy Casement door with

  • Windows Double-layer tempered glass with argon gas in the middle

  • Waterproof connection, all connectors, and edge cover edge


Wall panel:

  • Color steel insulation board

  • outdoor ceiling: Color steel plate ceiling

  • Indoor ceiling PVC ceiling


Logistics is not included

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