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I, the undersigned Applicant, affirm that I am of legal age in the province of execution of this Agreement. I acknowledge that I have received and reviewed the MBUILDERS. Independent Business Broker Agreement, including these Canada Terms and Conditions and the MBUILDERS Inc. Policies and Procedures and the MBUILDERS Inc. Compensation Plan, which are hereby incorporated into and made part of this MBUILDERS Independent Business Broker Agreement by reference (collectively, the “Agreement”). By signing below, I agree to comply with and be bound by, the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement. I acknowledge and agree that the Agreement will become a binding agreement upon me and MBUILDERS Inc. business Opportunity, liability insurance company, in Canada, only upon acceptance by MBUILDERS Inc. and that MBUILDERS Inc. will notify me of acceptance of the Agreement via email to the email address I submit with this Agreement. I understand that MBUILDERS Inc. has the right to accept or reject my application to become an Independent Business Broker in its sole discretion. For purposes of this Agreement, MBUILDERS Inc. Opportunity, MBUILDERS Inc. is referred to as “MBUILDERS.”. MBUILDERS Inc. and its parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates may be referred to herein collectively as the “MBUILDERS Inc. “MBUILDERS Company” or each individually as an “MBUILDERS Inc. Company”. I understand that there is no requirement beyond entering into this Agreement and payment of the initial fee to become an independent Business Broker. No other purchase of sales or training materials or other services are required to become a broker and any purchase of sales aids, training materials, or training is strictly voluntary. I understand that my advancement to higher qualification levels in the MBUILDERS Inc. Compensation Plan is based upon the acquisition of new members and by placing a successful CLIENT to any MBUILDERS Inc. school partners placed under MBUILDERS Inc. CRM portal or by calling directly and placing their CLIENT to our 24/7 to the company immediate CLIENT placement hotline number, commonly known as (416) – 628 - 1333 (Services) offered by or through MBUILDERS Inc. (“MBUILDERS Inc. Services ”), and that I am not obligated to purchase MBUILDERS Inc. Products and Services . Business Opportunities are compensated and promoted based on the successful promotion and sale of MBUILDERS Inc. Services. Success as an MBUILDERS Broker is based on the MBUILDERS Broker's individual efforts and abilities, and no earnings, profits, or business Success are promised or guaranteed. No compensation is earned for the promotion of the MBUILDERS Inc. I also understand that if I choose to sponsor others to become an Independent business Broker and participate in MBUILDERS Inc. Compensation Plan, I will not receive any compensation whatsoever for the act of sponsoring BROKER or recruiting, and that I will be Compensated based upon the following; 1. By having a New MBUILDERS Inc.  Independent Business Broker. PAID Member 2. By placing a successful local or international CLIENT to MBUILDERS Inc. business center. Using a Direct CLIENT placement whichever via phone services or by placing it directly to their dedicated MBUILDERS CRM Portal provided by the company. The activities of other brokers: Independent brokers only to the extent of sales made by them to customers of MBUILDERS Inc. Services. I understand and agree that all commission payments for successful MBUILDERS clients will be paid 6 weeks after the CLIENT start date and with a 30 days’ CLIENT school attendance policy with an MBUILDERS partner successful client confirmation. 1. I, the undersigned applicant, represent that I am of legal age to enter into legally binding agreement, and that the information submitted in connection with my application to become a broker is complete, true, and correct. I agree to promptly notify MBUILDERS Inc. of any changes to such information. If I am executing this Agreement on behalf of a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, trust or other entity, I represent that I have the authority to enter into such agreements for the entity, but nonetheless I agree that in addition to such entity, I will be personally responsible for the performance of all the duties and obligations described in this Agreement.

The business has large potential rewards. Same with other businesses if you start or join something and you did not put time and effort, patience, and dedication to your business. Success will not be reached. You must be aware that any business has risks associated with it and in order for you to be in a business world you must also be willing to accept the ups and downs in the business industry. Getting success depends on your own personal drive. MBUILDER  is just a business platform that is premade to make things easier for you to start your own. Investing in a business is always a big step in life. You need to properly understand what you want to do and how do you want to do it. Personal goals and achievements depend on person to person’s ability. Don’t be in business and put your money if you can’t afford to lose. Business is a gamble. You play big, you earn big. You play small, you make small. If you join a business and you did not do anything, you should also not expect anything in the end. There’s no luck or magic required in achieving your goal in life. It’s a result of the decisions you made in life. Success in business is not luck. It’s a reflection of your hard work and dedication to what you do. Climbing the ladder of success means perfecting your own craft.  Building your own business with the right guidance and platform makes things easier and achievable. But again, you need to be in it! And give your 100% commitment, top it up with patience, dedication, understanding, capital, and consistency to achieve success. No representation is being made that any MBUILDER  broker will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed in this report. The performance of any independent business broker depends on their own drive for success. The system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. All trades, patterns, charts, systems, etc., discussed in this report are for illustrative purposes only and not to be construed as specific advisory recommendations. Information contained in this correspondence is intended for informational purposes only and was obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Information is in no way guaranteed. No guarantee of any kind is implied or possible where projections of future conditions are attempted.

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